Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The Drive 4 UR School program is designed for dealerships to partner with any public or private elementary, middle, or high school in addition to any organization in which the funds will directly benefit or go back to a school in any capacity. Drive 4 UR Community is designed for dealerships to partner with local or national community organizations and non-profits. See Drive 4 UR Community's charity guidelines.

For the upcoming Fall 2020 session, all Drive 4 UR School and Drive 4 UR Community events are required to be held at the dealership. Events should be held on one day and at one location only.

Benefiting organizations will earn $20 per household for each valid test-drive at the event with a maximum donation of $6,000.*

Anyone 18 years or older with a valid driver's license can participate. This person does not have to be an organization member in order to qualify.

Dealers are encouraged to bring a full lineup of products with the highest trim level available. It is up to the dealership to determine which vehicles will be featured at the event. Most Ford vehicles are eligible for test-drives; however, test-drives completed in a Crown Victoria, E-Series, Lincoln or Mercury vehicles are not eligible for a donation.

Absolutely! Supporting multiple clubs increases the chance of reaching the $6,000 donation.* Please be aware that Program HQ will send only one check per event. It is the lead school’s responsibility to distribute the funds among clubs or activities.

No, a dealership may only partner with one organization during a single Drive 4 UR Community event.

No. Anyone who is 18 years or older and has a valid driver's license can participate on event day. And you can feel good doing it knowing that you are helping the community!

Yes! Feel free to attract people to your fund-raisers in whatever way you like. Bake sales, talent shows, car washes, sporting events, open houses ─ whatever drives people your way! However, you cannot host both a Drive 4 UR School and Drive 4 UR Community event on the same day.

Drive 4 UR School Program Headquarters can be contacted by email at Drive 4 UR Community Program Headquarters can be contacted by email at

Virtual Test-Drive Experience FAQs

Event capacity in this pilot is limited. The selection process involved a random sampling from dealers who registered for Spring 2020 (prior to COVID-19), based on Ford guideline requirements and dealer’s located in key vehicle launch markets.

Dealers will receive a unique URL they will need to push out to the participant in order for the participant to pre-register for the event and access the virtual test-drive experience.

The virtual experience will be available on a webpage – nothing will need to be downloaded by the participant. This will be accessible on desktop and mobile

Yes, if your dealership is selected to participate in an event this fall, your dealership has the option to host a virtual only test-drive event, or a dual virtual and physical test-drive event. You must inform PHQ of your interest in hosting a physical event via the survey sent to your dealership in your initial selection email.

You are able to switch your event to a 100% virtual test drive prior to your event date. Please contact PHQ as soon as possible to ensure the event is fully transitioned. 

Yes, benefiting organizations will still earn $20 for each valid test-drive at the event with a maximum donation of $6,000. One donation per person, per household.*

The virtual test-drive experience is a one-day only event, similar to a physical test-drive event. The participant will have until 11:59pm the day of the event to take a virtual test-drive.

The overall virtual experience will take an estimated 5-10 minutes to complete.

Participants will go through a series of interactive steps that showcase the selected vehicle, including 360° interior and exterior views of the vehicle, interactive hotspots and a virtual test-drive route.

Participants can choose one of three vehicles: Bronco, Mach-E, and F-150.

Your dealership will receive an email 1 week before your scheduled event with a link to the virtual test-drive experience. Participants have the option to pre-register and take the pre-drive survey for the virtual experience.

The Program Materials has a variety of promotional materials you can utilize. This includes: PR Toolkits, Email Templates, Social Media Graphics and more. If you have any additional questions on how to promote your virtual event, please contact Program HQ at

Yes, leads are captured the same as physical test-drives.

All physical + virtual test-drive events for Fall 2020 are required to be held at the dealership, which makes them automatically PMA approved events. 

Dealers who want to host a physical event must confirm this with Program HQ 3 weeks before their event and request an event kit (if they haven’t received one already). Kits will not automatically be shipped unless requested due to the ever-changing nature of COVID-19.

Yes, the user will be able to complete the full virtual experience in Spanish or English. Downloadable Hispanic Materials are also available on our website. 

Unfortunately, there will be not be a Bonus Drive opportunity for the Fall 2020 Session.

Yes, a participant has to be 18 years or older with a valid driver's license.