Current Event Enrollment Information

Due to an overwhelming number of dealers accessing the Drive 4 UR School website on May 17th during fall enrollment, the website experienced technical difficulties resulting in open enrollment being suspended. We have taken steps to address the website capacity and are pleased to announce that online enrollment opens for Drive 4 UR School - Fall 2017 for all Ford and Ford Lincoln dealerships nationwide on June 21, 2017 at 1:00 pm ET. DEALERS MUST REGISTER ONLINE. Eligible dates for Drive 4 UR School Fall events are August 1 - December 31, 2017.


  • Dealers can host a total of two (2) fully-funded events per year and one (1) 50% dealer-funded event per year. If your dealership is already enrolled in the maximum number of events between this Spring session and/or the Drive 4 UR Community program, you will not be eligible to enroll for the Fall.
    • NEW for 2017: All events can be either Drive 4 UR School or Drive 4 UR Community
    • NEW for 2017: All events can be held in the same session
    • Eligible dates for Drive 4 UR School Fall events are August 1 - December 31, 2017.
    • Enrollment for Ford's Drive 4 UR Community program (event dates run March 1-December 31, 2017) is sold out for 2017.
  • For 50% dealer-funded events:
    • Program HQ will provide an event kit, support and 50% of the donation cost generated at the event.  Dealers will fund the remaining 50% of the donation cost (up to $3,000)
  • If your dealership is located in a Hispanic community, you may be eligible to receive Spanish language materials for your Drive 4 UR School event in addition to the standard event kit provided. Your dealership can check the box indicating your interest for this opportunity during the enrollment process.
  • As recognition for their commitment to the program, a limited number of early enrollment events for Drive 4 UR School were made available to actively enrolled Consumer Experience Movement (CEM) Dealers starting at 1:00 pm EST on Monday, May 15, 2017. This early enrollment period was for CEM Dealers only.  Enrollment was completed online and events were available on a first come first served basis.  Please contact Todd Seagren (313-323-9302) for additional information about CEM.
  • Event date and partner school/community information are required for enrollment
  • Events must be enrolled at least three weeks before the proposed event date.
  • By participating in the Drive 4 UR School program, a dealer agrees to host a one-day event in which participants ages 18 and over with a valid drivers' license test-drive a new Ford vehicle in order to raise a $20 donation for the benefitting school. Failure to conduct test-drives may result in penalties including, but not limited to:
    • Regional notification
    • Suspension of donation funds
    • Disqualification from the program in future sessions

Program HQ reserves the right at any time to request photos from events in order to verify adherence to test-drive guidelines. Be advised that Program HQ travels frequently to events across the country without providing prior notice and will not hesitate to report infractions.


  • NEW for 2017: In an effort to be green, dealers will receive a complete event kit for only the first Drive 4 UR School and Drive 4 UR Community events hosted in 2017. A "Kit Light" will then be sent to any subsequent events of the same program type. A list of Kit Light contents will be provided. Dealers will need to hold on to kit items from the first complete kit for use in future events.

    Materials in the Complete Kit:
      - Directional Sign
      - Banners & Rope
      - T-Shirts (S – XXL)
      - Event Posters
      - Car Clings
      - Pens
      - Clipboards
      - Tablecloth
      - Pencil Cases (D4URS only)Tote Bags (D4URC only)
      - Feather Banner

    Materials in the Kit Light:
      - T-Shirts (S – XXL)
      - Event Posters
      - Car Clings
      - Pens
      - Table Cloth
      - Pencil Cases (D4URS only)
      - Tote Bags (D4URC only)
  • Events hosted with elementary and middle schools are considered Drive 4 UR School events and not Drive 4 UR Community events. Events hosted with high schools will continue to be part of the Drive 4 UR School program.
  • Events hosted with an organization in which the funds will directly benefit or go back to a school in any capacity (ex: booster clubs, PTO's, education funds) are considered Drive 4 UR School events and not Drive 4 UR Community events.


  • The event location must be within the dealer's Primary Market Area (PMA). Program HQ will continue to verify that all Drive 4 UR School and Drive 4 UR Community events are operating within PMA guidelines. If there is a PMA violation, Program HQ will notify regional personnel within 30 days of enrollment in order to seek resolution. The infracting dealer will be asked to get written permission from the dealer in whose PMA the event is being held. If the infracting dealer cannot obtain written permission or relocate, the event may result in cancellation. Dealerships can verify which schools are within their PMA by contacting their zone manager.
  • Advertising to support Drive 4 UR School and Drive 4 UR Community is Ford Co-op eligible. Dealerships are encouraged to submit their ads for pre-approval to the Ford Co-op Program Headquarters as or 866-969-2667